Educational App for your child!


(Moose, 2016)


October 10th, 2016

Fish school is a playful underwater experience with 8 educational activities. This will allow a child to learn about letters, numbers, shapes, colours and more. This App is HD quality which is imperative for young children’s eyes as they are manipulating through this experience. Furthermore, there are many versions which will create many new exciting opportunities to further engage a child. This application’s primary language and focus is in english but it can be changed to another language to adapt to all cultures and languages. Fish school is compatible with an iPad and iPhone which is accessible  to many. This software is recommended for children ages 5 and under as it is easy to manipulate with and will create an educational focus for learning. In addition,  this educational software is created by Duck Duck Moose Inc which has many reviews and is an award-winning app producer. This experience does not have a gender focus it is educational for both boys and girls.


(Moose, 2016)

I chose this application as both of my nieces enjoy and manipulate with this software. They have gained insight and knowledge about letters and numbers while enjoying the visual appearance of the game. Furthermore, my four year old niece was able to learn her ABCs by watching the fish make letters. Most of the time she would have paper and a crayon and follow along while the fish would create different letters or phrases. In comparison, to my younger niece which is 2 years old  she was able to learn colours from Fish school. Abigail whom is my niece learned “red” and “green” while operating this application. When a red fish would swim by they would emphasis (red) and show other objects or materials that may match this colour. I also picked software to review as it showed many signs of hypermedia. Fish school presents graphics, animation,audio and video. In addition, this software is also consistent which is important in view of the fact that many parents need to know if it is successful for their child to be using and surrounded by. Not only is it consistent but there are also many versions which provides an extensive amount of interactive experiences.


(Moose, 2016)

The best features of this software is that it is effective and well-organized. This software is easy to use for anyone whom is not even tech-savy, which means they can still access it without instruction. This application is also very appealing as it keeps children interested while learning. There are many different kinds of fish and colours incorporated as a visual. Moreover, this application also uses verbal communication which is essential for children without vision. Teachers and educators are able to use this software and will benefit in the childcare profession as children will be entertained and still gain an understanding for numbers, letters and colours which are the fundamentals in the early years. As stated in the practical guidelines article, it also allows for social interaction (NAEYC, 2012). An educator is able to use an iPad  and conduct an activity with this application. For instance, each child would count how many red fish there are in the visual. Children will benefit from learning their essential skills throughout this app while teachers should monitor and interact with children throughout this experience (NAEYC, 2012). Fish school is also enjoyable as children are able to engage with fish which usually many young children tend to desire.


(Moose, 2016)

Some limitations of this software may be that it is to simplified. My four year old nieces attention span is very low which makes her mind wander. This software, is to simple and the creators may need to add a bit more of complexity to it to ensure children are engaged and interested. Furthermore, the ABC game does not finish the letter if the child taps the fish image. Many times my niece would tap on the fish image and it would move right along to the next letter. For example, she would be at C and than it would move to P. As defined in the article, “Particular guidelines for educational software” it does not provide opportunities for review (NAEYC, 2012). Children who do not guess the correct letter or colour do not receive a review of the correct answer. This may mislead the child as they may think it is correct when it is not.

sc552x414 (1).jpeg

(Moose, 2016)

Recommendation for ECE’s

  • Ensure to monitor a child’s actions and behaviours towards this application
  • Ask open-ended questions to create active learning
  • Ask more children to join into this interactive play
  • Create a new experience from this application (ART activity)- make your own fish
  • Incorporate children with developmental delays to join in and participate with other children
  • Ensure that it is accessible for all
  • Provide feedback when playing the game
  • Ask children what other animals would they like to see rather than fish
  • Take photos of children interacting with this game and post on Pinterest or parents blog to demonstrate the use of appropriate technology within a classroom setting.
  • As stated in the article, ensure that each child is able to interact with this application and learn throughout their experience



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