Children and preteens using massive amounts of technology

Technological devices are hindering and, in worst cases, eliminating the experiences we have with each other and our environment. Classrooms are the foundations for our children and they can be seen as a learning tool. As an educator or teacher, it is imperative to ensure that all of the children are developing appropriately for their age and that they have the right materials and tools to be successful. Technology is our children’s future; technology can change the way one lives their everyday life. Furthermore, these devices can become very costly not only for schools to maintain but for parents to provide for their children. These types of devices have an influence on all people of every race and age but mostly with our younger generation. I was recently browsing through the net when I came across a powerful article with provided me with a sense of why play is so imperative for young children. This article also correlated with my focus on different activities in view of the fact that Kenneth Ginsburg spoke about the contributions to social, cognitive and physical well being of a child. Moreover, this article provided the readers of why play is not only ideal for children but for parents as well. This article presented advice for pediatricians and parents on how one can advocate for a child’s optimal health. Furthermore, this article connects to technology and learning because it portrays how children learn best and what their caregivers can do to ensure their exceeding in all developmental domains. In addition, it also states that play is imperative for learning which is why in my further blog posts I will be conducting activities that will be developmentally appropriate for each age group without the use of these technological devices. This article is imperative to me as an ECE because I am teaching and expanding ones mind. These children are our future and they look up to me and other ECE’s as their role models. I want to ensure that they are learning and using their creativity and imagination to the best of their abilities without the use of technology. In the Ontario’s pedagogy for early years “How learning happens?” there are four foundational conditions that are important for children to grow and nourish (ELECT, 2014). One of them that stuck out to me was engagement (ELECT, 2014). Children should explore their environment and world around them by developmentally appropriate play. Many different child care centres believe in different philosophies such as the: highscope, Regio-Emilio and play. I strongly believe in the philosophy  of play which is why I am currently supplying at YMCA child care centre. Throughout the duration of supplying I am always observing their play in order for me to conduct another activity that they may be interested in. Play allows one to free their mind and explore all their different options within a learning environment.



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